School of Maritime Studies (Marine Engineering) is situated at Thalambur, Chennai, near Navalur on the IT Highway of Tamilnadu, off the old Mahabalipuram Road. In the vast campus along with spacious building for class rooms, workshops and library, separate laboratories have been provided for Physics, Chemistry, Electrical Machinery, Control Systems, Power Electronics, Electronic devices, Electronic Communication and Digital devices. The Computer Centre of School of Maritime Studies (Marine Engineering) and a well-stocked library compare with the best any where.


The Director General of Shipping has stipulated that Maritime Academies across the country must build a "Ship-in-Campus" to obviate the necessity of training cadets in outside marine workshops. Towards this end we have acquired an Akasaka 6-Cylinder 4-stroke Diesel Main Engine, rated at 2200hp, at 250 rpm. We have installed this main engine in the first all steel ship-in-campus ever to be built in India which is now fully operational.

School of Maritime Studies (Marine Engineering) has a Full Mission Engine Simulator within the Ship-in-Campus, for the training of Marine Engineering cadets, simulating conditions exactly as on board a ship.

School of Maritime Studies (Marine Engineering) has its own hostels for boys and girls separately. There is also an exclusive Mess Block within the campus with separate dining halls for boys and girls. School of Maritime Studies (Marine Engineering) has its own fleet of buses connecting the college with different points of Chennai.

The following Courses for Marine Engineers are offered at this Academy:

B.E.Marine Engineering (four years)
One-Year Presea Training for Graduates (GME)
Two-year Presea Training for Diploma Holders (DME)
Higher National Diploma in Marine Engineering (two years)